How to Action Plan – New Year’s Goals Not Resolutions Series

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You have your meaningful goal, now let’s look at action planning. Action planning or determining your strategies, is a trial and error process.

Write down everything you need to do to achieve your goal. Be specific, just like in goal setting. Your goal may be overwhelming or scary in your head, but just remember you don’t need to practise all the behaviours at once. Assign time frames to your strategies. “This week I will focus on ……. and next week…….”

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” – Walter Anderson

Once you have your action plan clear, share your goal and intentions with those important people in your life. Gaining their support can give you extra motivation and they may even help you out with your journey. If you do find a support person, make sure you add their role into your action plan. It is helpful to have support from others with any changes we make.

Be mindful that you are the one making the change for yourself, not your support person, so you need to take responsibility and action. At the same time don’t gauge your worth by your support person(s) or other people’s reactions. Remember, this is important to you not other people so why should they get as excited as you? They most likely have their own goal(s) or priorities to focus on. I know I have fallen into this trap before so here’s hoping you don’t do the same!



How confident are you at achieving your goal?

Next week, I will talk about overcoming barriers in the New year goals not resolutions series.

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