What Are People on Twitter Saying About Mindful Eating?


January 28, 2016, marks the Inaugural International Mindful Eating Day. So here’s wishing you a happy International Mindful Eating Day! This is a day for “celebrating the joys of eating” (The Centre for Mindful Eating, 2016).

To help with the celebrations and spreading the word about mindfulness, I have put together a list of 11 recent quotes from Twitter. I believe these tweets capture the essence of mindful eating.

The behaviours of calorie counting and daily weigh-ins don’t add to health, but rather take away from health. One can become neurotic with the ‘black and white thinking’ of dieting. Think of all the wonderful things you could do with your life, with the time and energy you dedicate to these behaviours, that do not support health.

Kale has been quite popular and viewed as a food that will solve nutrition and health issues. I often talk about the ‘what ‘ and the ‘how‘ of nutrition. It’s not all about what we eat. No one food, not even kale, makes us healthy.

Eating is something we need to do often throughout the day.  If we don’t taste our food, lets hope this is not a sign we are bypassing pleasure in other areas of our lives.

As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life”, and variety is also apart of the Australian Guidelines for Healthy Eating. Eating mindfully is a great way to meet these guidelines, as the body naturally desires a variety of food if listened to.

Mindful eating is not a rule for health, it is a tool or guide for promoting adequate nutrition and self-care. Keep the rules for the diet world and the school classroom.

This is a misconception with mindful or intuitive eating. Some people believe that mindful eating is permission to eat whatever, and therefore not worry about eating nutritious foods when your body truly feels like it.

I truly believe our bodies are amazing. We need to give them more credit and trust them, by listening and responding to body cues!

Having an appetite is a sign you are alive and well. Celebrate this connection to hunger, and the relationship you have with your food and your body. When illness strikes, appetite is one of the first things that go. Appetite is a sign of health.

We need to understand the limitations of our thoughts. If you think you know something, chances are you have only just scratched the surface. We are always learning. Accept what you don’t know and your mind will be open up to learning new things and new opportunities.

So true! If you don’t believe this statement, I challenge you to bring mindfulness to your eating behaviours and experiment 🙂

This is just another reason why we need to slow down and bring mindfulness to the act of eating. Let’s maximise our nutrition and therefore our health.

Definitely some #mindfuleating inspiration.

If you are wanting to start practising mindful eating or refine your skills, visit http://thecenterformindfuleating.org and you will come across many valuable resources to support your journey.


I’m also interested in your thoughts about mindful eating. How will you celebrate the day?

Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Twitter? Perhaps you might like to check out what these tweeters are also saying, and follow them too.

If you want to learn more about how to reconnect with your appetite, grab your copy of The Essential Guide to Never Dieting Again here.


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