Children’s Story: Elephant’s Dilemma of Difference


Do you want to read a story to your preschooler(s) that celebrates all bodies and individuality?

Do you want to set your child(ren) up for healthy eating and lifestyle behaviours?

If so, then this book is for you!


A children’s book written and illustrated by Accredited Practising Dietitian and Mother, Natalie Thompson. Natalie is passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviours, to help nurture healthy relationships with food and body.


The book was born out of the enjoyment I get from reading to my boys, and the difficulty I had finding books aimed at children that were written on the themes of nutrition and body.

It is important to me to read books with positive messages, particularly about nutrition and body image, as this is something I deal with everyday as a dietitian. I see first hand how our culture is geared towards nutrition misinformation and body issues. This is why the non-dieting and Health At Every Size® principles guide my practise, and consequently, I try to instil these values within my family for my boys’ benefits.

As I found it difficult to find books in this genre (especially written by a dietitian), I decided to write a book myself, incorporating my knowledge and skills as a dietitian and mummy.

So here it is, a story aimed at 3 to 5 year olds which incorporates the key messages of self esteem, body acceptance, being body positive, individualised nutrition and intuitive eating.

Description of the story

The book focuses on celebrating all body types and highlights the amazing things bodies can do, in particular, helping to keep us healthy by eating food the body feels like, when it is hungry and when it is full.

This book is a great teaching tool for preschool and kindergarten age on self esteem, body image, individuality, being body positive, nutrition and intuitive eating.

The blurb

“Elephant loved going to school to learn and play with his friends.

One day Elephant was feeling sad and not very good about himself. Was it something his friends’ said? Was it because he was big? Was it because he was eating unusual food?

Join the journey as Elephant learns about his body, individuality and how his body can do amazing things like help to keep him healthy.”

 The Benefits

1. A benefit of Elephant’s Dilemma of Difference is that individuality, body positivity and self esteem are celebrated.
The story does this by exploring the main character’s feelings and lessons learnt from his experiences of being different.
2. Another benefit of the story is the principle of intuitive eating is discussed.
The benefits of mentioning intuitive eating in the story, shows kids that listening and responding to their appetite helps them to meet their nutrition and pleasure needs, which helps to keep you healthy.

To purchase the story

The children’s book in available in Paperback book and ebook formats.
The book may be purchased here.
The ebook may be purchased here.

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