Words of Wisdom Delectable Dietetics Style


Over the last 6 months, if you have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you may have seen these Delectable Dietetics moments. If you’d like to see how I paired the quote with a picture, head on over to any one of my social media pages – Instagram is probably the easiest. Hope you enjoy them!

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Behaviour Change

Motivation breeds motivation if comes from within.

What positive nutrition-related behaviour will you focus on this year?

Celebrate your wins. If you don’t who will?

Weight is not a behaviour. Focus on the behaviours you can change.

Is your current behaviour consistent with your personal values?


Body Positivity

Start living your beautiful life in the skin you are in.


Challenging your ‘truth’

Is this healthy? Compared to what? Smoking? Yeah sure…No one food really means much on its own.

A ‘healthy weight’ is the weight you naturally gravitate towards and maintain, whilst eating intuitively and moving your body in ways you enjoy.

“If only I had more willpower I’d be able to stick to the diet”. It’s not you, weight loss diets don’t work for 95% of people. That means they ‘work’ for 5% of people. For this 5%, disordered eating behaviours exist…Do diets actually work???

Coconut should only be used as a superfood if you are stranded on a deserted island.

Really, sugar is your biggest problem?

“Sorry, it’s not gluten-free”. When food fads suck the joy out of giving.

You wouldn’t take your car issues to a boat service centre. Why trust your food and nutrition health with a pharmacist, naturopath or personal trainer? Accredited practising dietitians are the experts in food and nutrition.

“If only I had more willpower I’d be able to stick to the diet”. It’s not you, weight loss diets don’t work for 95% of people. That means they ‘work’ for 5% of people. For this 5%, disordered eating behaviours exist….Do diets actually work???

So eating a balanced diet hasn’t produced a thinner &/or happier you, why do you think cutting out &/or restricting whole food groups or goods will? Do you think something else is going on that food can’t solve?


Intuitive Eating 

Intuitive eating is control without the control. I’m in control without controlling anything.

It took me a long time to realise it’s ok to do whatever I can, the best I can.

Be at one with your food and you will be at one with your body.

Respect your food and trust your food will respect your body.

Allow mindful eating to blossom within.

Comparing yourself to others is pointless. We are all different. Eat intuitively.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” (La Rochefoucauld)


Healthy Inspiration 

I ate a burger and chips without feeling guilty.

Eat, breath, move and sleep – Healthful nutrition

Nutrition: The untapped superpower

Make sleep a priority for the sake of your ghrelin and leptin balance, the hormones for optimum nutrition.

What’s the world without finding joy? There’s no point. Our nutrition, health and quality of life suffers.

Are you taking good care of yourself? Know the difference between an eating problem and a self care taking problem.

And finally, a new moment for today….


You are enough. There’s no need to seek external opinion.


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