E-Book: The Essential Guide to Never Dieting Again


Do you feel guilty when you eat certain foods?

Are you ashamed of your body?

Do you think dieting is what you need to do to improve your health and self-esteem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this e-book is for you!  It will help you to break the dieting cycle and reconnect with your food and body.

You’ve probably tried every diet under the sun and found they haven’t worked. It’s not you that’s failed, the diet failed you! Society is geared to making you feel inadequate and like there is something wrong with you and your body, the way you naturally are.

Please don’t get too hung up on the messages society sends, and forgive yourself for thinking you are the problem. You are not!! What you have learned going down the dieting path has given you the insight to help you with changing your mindset to never diet again!

Start living your life now, not when you lose weight. This is nutrition freedom!


I am Natalie Thompson. I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) who sees many people stuck in the dieting world. I have shown people how to trust themselves with food again, and take care of themselves in a compassionate way.

I have developed this resource as a flexible and economical way to improve your health and happiness.

Purchase your copy of The Essential Guide to Never Dieting Again’ here.


The benefits include:

1. You will understand the problem of today’s society and how dieting is not the answer.

You will feel inspired and empowered to break the dieting cycle and non-diet.

2. You will increase your awareness around food and eating.

You will start to reconnect with your internal body cues (ie. appetite) and eat normally again. No more obsessing over food rules and what and what not to eat.

3. Free yourself of the shame and guilt you feel associated with food and your body.

You will find the joy in eating and make peace with your body, which frees up time and energy to focus on the important things in your life.

The benefits of all this are improved health and relationship with food and body.

The e-book features many questions and an activity to help you bring awareness to your eating and lifestyle behaviours around food. You will likely start reading the e-book with the dieting mentality, and finish with accepting that dieting DOES NOT work and health can be achieved at any body shape or size. That’s exciting and empowering!

This guide covers the problem of dieting and today’s society, the non-dieting approach, my nutrition philosophy, and the solution of how to reconnect with your internal body cues.

Purchase the e-book today for only $8.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after reading this book?

You may feel annoyed at the way society has made us believe weight loss is the solution, yet on the other hand, feeling relieved and empowered to embrace an up-to-date evidence-based scientific approach that works! You may feel resistance from your family and friends, which is usually because they do not understand the non-diet approach, and their reactions are more out of fear of the unfamiliar. Like anything, it takes practise, and the concepts presented within the e-book will become easier and eventually a habit.

How much time will it take to embrace the non-diet world?

This really depends on you, your previous experiences and current circumstances. How motivated are you at changing your behaviour? Where are you in the cycle of change (i.e. pre-contemplative, contemplative, action, maintenance, habit, relapse)? I recommend spending about 1 to 2 weeks on each concept discussed in the e-book, which will give you the opportunity to ask yourself the questions featured in many different situations, and to experiment with the activity. Changing your mindset around food and nutrition can take up to 3 to 6 months from my experience and this, of course, depends on your personal situation.

I’ve started looking into the non-diet approach, is this for me?

Yes certainly! The non-diet approach is for everyone. Please note that if you have certain chronic medical conditions, you may also need one-on-one support to ensure that your health is being managed in the most appropriate manner.

If you are experiencing any challenges to changing and with regards to fully aligning with the non-diet philosophy, this guide-book will support you in leaving the dieting world behind and reconnecting with your internal body cues so you can eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and eat the food your body needs nutritionally and for pleasure.

Will I have a desire to lose weight after reading the book?

After reading the e-book, you will understand that weight alone does not impact your health. You may still have a desire to lose weight as this mindset takes time and the right support to change. Societal pressures are not going away quickly (it is changing though!), so you will likely still feel the misinformation and expectations, which continue to be challenges we are faced with prioritising our health. From this e-book, you will understand from your past experiences that weight cannot be controlled in the long term. You will understand the best way forward is to work on your behaviours around eating and your lifestyle, which feels so good and has such a positive impact on your health.

Just know that the non-diet approach is not anti-weight loss, but the pursuit of weight loss or actively trying to lose weight. We know self-compassion is much more important than weight loss.

Will I lose weight?

Having reconnected with your appetite, you may find yourself eating less food in response to listening to what your body wants, and your weight may decrease. You may even find yourself eating more food in response to previously restricting yourself, and your weight may go up and then settle at your natural weight, which could be higher or lower than before. Weight cannot be controlled in the long term, so it is hard to predict what yours will do because of your genetics and your previous dieting history, which upsets your body set point. The point is that you can become healthy at any weight. You are not defined by your weight and you should not think or feel a certain way because of what the scales show. Because this question is such a common one, I definitely do not want to discount it and not address your thoughts and feelings around weight.

What format will the e-book be in?

The e-book is an EPUB file that can be downloaded immediately after purchasing the e-book here. This file type is a very popular free to view format that can be read on devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers.

Get this e-book now

Reclaim your health and happiness with ‘The Essential Guide to Never Dieting Again’ for $9.95. Free yourself of guilt and shame you feel around food and your body. Start trusting yourself, enjoy your food and end the vicious dieting cycle.

Click here to purchase the e-book.


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