E-Book: How to Build a Positive Food Relationship

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Do you feel shame and guilt around food or with eating?

These are signs your relationship with food needs work, for the sake of your self-esteem and body image.

You’ve probably tried every diet under the sun and found they haven’t worked. It’s not you that’s failed, the diet failed you! Society is geared to making you feel inadequate and like there is something wrong with you and your body, the way you naturally are.

Please don’t get too hung up on the messages society sends, and forgive yourself for thinking you are the problem. You are not!! What you have learned going down the dieting path has given you insight to help you with changing your mindset to never diet again!


Hi! I am Natalie Thompson, a non-dieting Accredited Practising Dietitian passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviours, to help nurture a healthy relationship with food and body.

I want you to discover the joy in eating, making peace with your food and your unique body whilst focusing on the important things in your life.

Download the e-book today!


The e-book features 11 key ways to practise improving your relationship with food and your body.

Do you want to explore your food relationship a little deeper? Then you can do with the 10 bonus questions.

Purchase your copy of ‘Build a Positive Food Relationship’ here.

The Benefits

1. Increased awareness of your eating behaviours.

The benefits of increasing your eating behaviours awareness relates to identifying food shaming and disordered eating practises and being able to move forward and find joy in eating and improve your relationship with food.

2. Bring awareness to body image and body shaming behaviours.

You will identify how body-positive you are and your body image issues. From here you will be able to move forward and make peace and improve your relationship with your body.

3. Develop an action plan to work on your eating and body issues.

You’ll focus on reconnecting with your internal body cues (ie. appetite) and never diet again!

The benefits of all the above is increased health!!

Get this e-book now

Start building a positive relationship with your food and body with ‘Build a Positive Food Relationship’. Free yourself of guilt and shame you feel around food and your body. Start trusting yourself, enjoy your food and end the vicious dieting cycle.

Click here to grab your copy of the e-book.


Please share with your family and friends to keep the delectable in dietetics!

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