What We Can Learn About Nutrition From Finding Dory


I had the pleasure of watching Finding Dory with my boys. We loved the movie!

During the movie, I could not help but relate the story to my experiences helping people to increase their motivation and overcome their confidence and mindset issues associated with food and their body.

I’ve broken down my favourite quotes from the movie into 5 sections. Each section corresponds to a stage of change around learning to eat intuitively.

By the way, if you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend seeing it!

Pressure of Society – Pre-contemplative

Marlin: “Don’t be such a Dory.”

A perfect statement showing how societal and people’s expectations/ pressures tell us what and what not to do.

Dory: “I can’t be somewhere where I have no-one to help me.”

Dory’s mindset was holding her back at this point in the movie. She believed she was not resourceful enough to work towards finding her parents alone.


Exploring the concepts of the non-diet approach (I.e. Intuitive eating) – Contemplative

Nemo: “Just trust her (Dory).”

Nemo: “What would Dory do?”

Dory’s parents: “If you ever get lost, follow the shells.” (Tune into your internal body cues).

These quotes demonstrate how trusting and listening to your body, especially during the tough times, can help you stay positive and motivated in achieving your goal.


Implementing the non-dieting strategies – Action

Dory: “Just keep swimming.”

How encouraging is this self-talk?!

Dory was able to stay on track by focusing on the basics and keeping the big picture in mind.

I think this statement helped Dory to not feel overwhelmed by the task ahead.

Nemo: “Did you hear that Dory does speak whale.”

As you track and reflect on your progress, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

Nemo was amazed at Dory’s skills and ability.

If you don’t surprise yourself, you’ll often surprise someone else. This in itself is motivating, as you realise you had it in you all along!

Dory: “What do I do. I forget. What would I do?”

This is a great quote to show how Dory’s mindset was distracting her. Her mindset was setting her up for unhelpful thought patterns.

Luckily, she did not give in and listen to her thoughts.

To stay on track, Dory asked herself a simple question,”What would I do?” This question was enough to focus on a positive mindset and follow through with what she needed to do to achieve her goal.

Dory: “I like shells. Wait. I like shells.”

Look at the bigger picture and you will see how focusing on the simple things can make all the difference to your confidence, mindset, motivation, nutrition and health.


Dory: “I know I have a problem. I can’t fix it.”

During the movie, Dory had ongoing crises of confidence. It took support from her friends and family for her to see she could do it AND was doing it.


Mindset change – Maintenance

Dory: “If I forget, I can find you again.”

Parents: “You remembered in your own amazing way. You did it all by yourself.”

Parents: “OMG you followed the shells. You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Dory: “I did it.”

What changed for Dory during the movie was that she no longer let her memory issue affect her confidence or life.

Dory was able to see how she could manage similar situations in the future with her memory issue and her intuitive resourceful nature.


The Movie’s Tag Line

The motto of the Marine life Institute was:

‘Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release.

Relating to intuitive eating:

Rescue” from the dieting mindset.

Rehabilitate” from disordered eating.

Release” into the non-dieting world.

I loved the major theme running through the movie:

There’s always a way.

Yes, there is always a way with the non-diet approach.

What a beautiful ending to the story. The movie left us feeling so motivated and inspired to continue to do what is important to us and achieve our goals.


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2 thoughts on “What We Can Learn About Nutrition From Finding Dory

  1. I use “Just keep swimming” with myself all the time! It’s one of my favourite ways to remind myself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, checking off one little task at a time, and then eventually I’ll get where I need to be. Love that you took away nutrition lessons from this movie!

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