3 Fail Safe Ways to Lose Weight


3 fail-safe ways to lose weight
….By losing the focus of weight

You are probably thinking why would I want to let go of the ‘thin me’ dream, and even if you I could, why would I?

Are you the type of person that thinks your weight is your barrier to getting healthy?

Do you hear yourself saying I want to be healthy?

I feel how frustrated you must be for not being able to lose your weight.

What is it about your weight that concerns you?

I believe it is essential to losing the fixation on weight by focusing on these 3 key points:

1. Change your thoughts

Know that if you continue to think the way you are thinking about weight you are adding to the stigma fat people experience. You are discriminating against people, which in most areas of life is illegal.

When setting goals for yourself, think about the improvements in your health and well-being you would like to see and word goals around health. Weight-related goals are not effective and can be harmful, as current research shows that weight loss alone does not make you healthy. And even if you could lose weight, 95% of people cannot keep the weight off1.

Think of all the positive eating and lifestyle behaviours that you could add to your routine. This is what improves your health over time. Besides, these goals and strategies are much more compassionate and promote self-care.

2. Feelings

Fat is not a feeling, so please do not say you feel fat.

Do you feel depressed when dieting? This is what dieting does. You usually start off feeling motivated. This motivation declines as you realise you cannot stick to the diet. Feelings of shame and guilt also creep in making you feel lousy and bad about yourself.

Please do not:

  • Judge your worth or how you respond and feel, by the numbers on the scales.
  • Allow your body weight/size or some diet influence how you feel about yourself.

3. Expectations

Change your expectations around health to understand that you can be healthy at any body shape or size.

Adopt eating and lifestyle behaviours that nurture your physical, social, emotional and spiritual health. Balance is found from these positive eating and lifestyle behaviours.

Were you once like this client believing 100% weight status alone equates to health before acknowledging the bigger picture of health? I’d love to hear what changed for you.

[1] Mann T, Tomiyama AJ, Westling E, Lew AM, Samuels B, Chatman J, 2007. Medicare’s search for effective obesity treatments: diets are not the answer. Am Psychol. 62(3):220-33.


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