A Question I Ask Every Client


I ask every client I see this question:

How do you describe your appetite?

From here I can ask related questions to get more detail about their appetite. These related questions depend on their responses.

Usually, I ask any of the following secondary questions:

  • Do you get hungry?
  • What are the signs or signals your body tells you to let you know you are getting hungry or are hungry?
  • How do you decide to eat? I.e. Is based on time (E.g. 7am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, breakfast, morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea and Dinner), habit (this is always what you’ve done), because you are busy at other times and the food is available?
  • How do you decide when to stop eating (based on how full your stomach is, finished your plate, run out of time and so on).

These questions give me great insight and an understanding of how a person eats, what type of lifestyle they have and what their desires, dreams and struggles around food, nutrition, eating and life is.

The answers to these questions allow me to gauge the level of awareness a person has about their food, nutrition and eating.

Why don’t you ask yourself these questions? I can guarantee your awareness will increase, which will help you identify if you have areas of nutrition that you would like to work on.

Try and ask yourself the question, “How do you describe your appetite?”. What did you discover about yourself?


If you are looking for a supportive community filled with like-minded people striving to improve their health in a compassionate way, come join us in the Nutrition Empowered Mums Facebook Group.

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