My Top Dietitian Rules…


People associate dietitians with having a bunch of food and nutrition rules up their sleeve. I think this is the case as the word ‘diet’ is apart of the word dietitian. When people think of diet, they think of restrictive weight loss dieting to lose weight, rather than a diet being just a word to describe the usual food and drink a person consumes.

I’ve put together my 6 ‘rules’ I recommend everyone should follow, as this is the way I work and aligns with my strengths. If these rules don’t come naturally to you, this is where I come in to support you in achieving your unique goal with my unique skills. Don’t feel you need to do everything yourself, as we all do not have the skills or insight required to do everything by ourselves. If we did that would be superhuman!

My 6 Dietitian Rules:

1. There are no rules only guidelines.

2. Bring mindfulness and awareness to your personal situation.

This helps me to help you better. You will likely get more out of our sessions as we work as a team.

I help you to goal set and action plan. From this point, I can help you to accomplish goals and make adjustments along the way as a result of a trial and error process, as I can appreciate everyone is different.

3. Keep an open mind and be open to learning new things (i.e. new knowledge and new skills) to help with managing your nutrition and health.

I personally love to learn about your personal eating and lifestyle situation and I make this learning a priority, especially when I first meet you.

I am able to gain great insight from learning about you, which helps me to know how to help you next.

4. My personal goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Your success is my success. I take great pride in being able to change people’s lives for the better.

5. Prioritise self-compassion and self-care along the way.

I see self-compassion and self-care as important parts of the bigger picture of nutrition and health.

I can see the benefits and consequences of eating and lifestyle-related behaviours.

I can also see potential barriers to change and help you to plan for these rough time (relapses in behaviour) to minimise disruption and derailment of goals.

I can help you to improve your importance, confidence, readiness and mindset to change your behaviour.

6. You are the expert in your life.

I don’t have an agenda. I am here to serve you in the way you want and need help. In saying this, if you do not have much nutrition and health awareness, I can help you to see how working on certain things can have significant benefits.

You are the expert in their lives. I am the expert in nutrition and behaviour change. We need to work together to make lasting change happen.


These ‘rules’ (aka my strengths) will help you to improve your eating and lifestyle behaviours, and health. You will achieve your goals.


If you are looking for a supportive community filled with like-minded people striving to improve their health in a compassionate way, come join us in the Nutrition Empowered Mums Facebook Group.

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