13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Body Set Point


I gave a talk a few months ago in my local community, introducing the basic concepts of non-dieting. In this talk, I spoke about four nutrition myths I see every day.

The participants were new to hearing about my nutrition philosophy and were particularly interested in the myths that weight loss equals health’ and you must watch your weight’.

Like most people, the talk participants found it hard to comprehend a society where weight is not the focus of health and where weight is not the predictor of self-worth.

At the end of my talk, there was a strong interest in understanding body set point and what that meant for them and how it translates onto the scales.

So here are 13 things you probably didn’t know about body set point:

  1. Your body set point is also known as your natural weight. Body set point is the weight you naturally settle at when you are not trying to control your food or exercise to change your body.
  2.  Genes determine your body set point.
  3. Your body set point is actually a range your body feels most comfortable at.
  4. Your body set point is different to other peoples.
  5. You will not know what your body set point is until you non-diet and accept the truth about weight.
  6. Body mass index (BMI) does not have anything to do with your body set point.
  7. Comparing your body set point to BMI is ridiculous.
  8. Your body set point is not wrong if it does not align with the ‘healthy weight range’ of the BMI. There’s no one body weight you should be at all our life. Think about it. You were born at about 3.5 kg and just like your face, you hardly resemble a newborn. You don’t try and lose weight to 3.5 kg or change your face so you look like a baby (as this is ridiculous as it is achievable), yet why do you try and change your weight and/or face to look like the person you were when you left high school or got married? Really, it is the same concept, although in most people’s eyes the change is achievable, when in fact it is also not.
  9. Dieting does not lower your body set point.
  10. Dieting makes your body set point higher. Dieting makes you heavier in the long-term. If people knew this, they would not diet or try and lose weight.
  11. Your past relationship with food and body affects your body set point – If you have dieted or restricted your food to weigh less, you will have found you are at your heaviest weight.
  12. Your future relationship with food and body affects body set point – If you plan on dieting or depriving yourself of food, expect there will be a good chance that you will regain the weight plus some, therefore making yourself heavier with each and every attempt.
  13. Weighing yourself does not help you to change your body set point.

Are you at your natural weight? Do you need help on refocusing your goals around health and actually improving your health? Reach out to me, I can help you.

Be sure to join us in our community Nutrition Empowered Mums for support on taking your next steps in being body positive.

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