My Advice To People About To Start A Diet


The New Year is rapidly approaching and we are being bombarded with messages of setting New Year’s Resolutions. You are probably hearing that you need to fix your body. You need to get healthy. Dieting is the answer.

STOP! DON’T DO IT!!! PLEASE! Dieting is not the answer. It has never been the answer. And won’t be the answer…Ever! Science clearly shows this.

Please stop and read this post, unless of course, you want a messed up relationship with your food and body and want your child(ren) to have the same nutrition and body image struggles as you do….I doubt you want that for yourself or child(ren).Let’s start by reflecting on your past nutrition behaviours:

Have you dieted before? Are you still dieting???

My definition:

Dieting is restricting, controlling or depriving yourself of food as a means to change your body shape or size.

If the answer is yes, how did it work for you? How is it working for you???

How did you feel dieting?

  • Did you feel hungry, lethargic deprived and depressed (after the initial dieting high wore off)?
  • Did you manage to keep the weight off longer than 1 to 5 years?
  • Were you able to live your life normally? I.e. could you go out for dinner and not worry you were going to mess up your diet? Could you do what you usually did in your life like catch up with friends, go out, sleep in if you were tired, eat chocolate because you felt like it?
  • Why are you thinking about starting another diet? Dieting clearly did not solve your food and/or body issues previously. Don’t try and tell me you were the one that failed. Because this is what dieting does, it makes people feel like they are the failures because they couldn’t lose enough weight and maintain it. The science shows us that diets fail. So please don’t feel bad and take this personally.

Repeating the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

So are you insane?! I doubt it.

I believe you were trying to do something about your food and body situation that you were led to believe was not ok or normal, so I applaud you for being proactive. However, you just haven’t accessed the right support up until now. So well done on discovering non-dieting.

Now that we’ve cleared up that your past history wasn’t successful because of the diet and your dieting mentality, let’s look at what you can do instead.

Download your free copy of ‘How to Stay Focused to Never Diet Again’ and improve you and your family’s relationship with food and your body.

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