Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy


Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy is a comprehensive guide to support mums in feeding their family with a non-dieting focus.

This guide is designed to empower you to improve the food and body relationships of yourself and your child(ren). You will increase your knowledge around nutrition, in particular, non-dieting nutrition so you can feel organised, confident and empowered to support their family around food, eating and nutrition.

Each chapter builds upon the next so you can understand how feeding your family fits into the bigger picture of nutrition and health.

This resource is unique in that it incorporates non-dieting nutrition into planning, goal setting to help you reconnect with ‘the how’ and ‘the what’ to eat and feed your family well. You will also be guided through the next steps to continue your non-dieting journey.

Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy consists of 15 components to help with feeding your family in a nourishing and easy way.

The contents include:

  1. Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy checklist
  2. Normal Eating Checklist
  3. Relationship Checklist
  4. Mindful Eating Basics
  5. Intuitive Eating Basics
  6. Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
  7. Nurturing Your Child(ren)’s Relationship With Food and Body
  8. Meal Ideas
  9. Snack Ideas
  10. Weekly Planner
  11. Pantry List
  12. Shopping List
  13. Goal Setting Template
  14. Non-dieting Quotes and Inspiration
  15. Useful Resources

Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy provides guidance around applying the non-dieting concepts into everyday life, along with nurturing your child(ren)’s relationship with food and your body.

Hear what Carol said:

“Feed Your Family, Healthy eating made easy has been a fantastic tool to help me guide my family’s nutrition and embody and reinforce a positive relationship between body image and food. As a mum to 4 children I don’t want them to have the same struggles with yo-yo dieting and an unhealthy relationship with food and poor body image. This guide makes it easy. It will help you access your relationship with food, teach you how to eat mindfully and intuitively and introduce you to the Australian healthy eating guide. The meal planner template covers all meals for the whole day, even including meal and snack ideas as well as pantry/fridge staples. This book is ideal for anyone who, like me, has come to the realization that dieting just doesn’t work for 95% of the population and just wants to be healthy and happy and not food obsessed. Thanks Natalie for writing such an informative and thoughtful resource.”

Hear what Belinda said:

“This resource has assisted me to see the big picture of my family’s relationship with food and to confidently plan a way forward with a non-dieting approach. It gives easy to follow details about what you need to consider at each step and helps you achieve this by providing practical tools. It has provided me with positive inspiration to improving my family’s nutrition.”

Feel organised, confident and empowered to support your family with no fuss food planning and meal preparation whilst improving your non-dieting nutrition knowledge and skills.

To purchase ‘Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy’ click here.

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