How To Get More Out Of The Dietitian Session


  • If you are seeing a dietitian you have achieved this point… the awareness that you need help from a dietitian. Well done on this awareness. Not everyone can see this and knows who they need to see for nutrition advice.
  • Have a  sense of what your food, nutrition and/or body struggles are, or a general idea of what you would like to work on.
  • Have some awareness of what you are currently doing.
  • Have some awareness of your history with food and nutrition.
  • Have some awareness that you need a different way to think and eat, so you don’t continue to struggle with food, nutrition and your body.
  • Be willing to open up about how you are truly feeling about food, nutrition and your body.
  • Listen to the assessment if you are not sure what your issues are.
  • Come with some level of motivation and readiness to change, problem solve and/or action plan.
  • Gaining family and friend support can be helpful.
  • Inform your other health care providers what your intentions are and what you are working on with the dietitian so you don’t double up and so your health professionals are all working toward the same goal. Sadly, not every health professional is non-dieting and Health At Every Size (R) focused. All health professionals are human and exist with their own personal and professional issues, especially around food, nutrition and their body.

If you are ready for professional nutrition support, schedule a free discovery call here.

Do you need more support? There is a community of like-minded women waiting to support you on your non-dieting journey. Join the Nutrition Empowered Mums Facebook Group.

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