How To Eat Well With Kids


Being a parent can be challenging when it comes to eating well.

1. If you are hungry, eat when and what your child eats.

It makes sense. When you take the time to prepare food for your child there is not usually a good reason why you can’t sit down and eat with them. It is the best thing you can do, as it nourishes you as well, and your child learns from you by observing and talking to you. It also give you a chance to take a break!

2. Drink water when your child drinks.I know this is not about eating, however, put sun-cream on when you put sun-cream on your child. Clean your teeth when they do. Batch tasking helps you to get things done and know where you are all up to in the routine, which makes you more efficient from not double handling the processes.

3. When preparing snacks, prepare enough for you to eat too.

The last thing you want to do is be caught ‘hangry’ and then eat anything in sight, often having eaten too much of something you didn’t actually feel like.

4. Be organised.

Plan ahead. It is so much easier if you have all your meals for the week planned with the ingredients available (or at least a list of what you need to pick up and when).

For further support with eating well with kids, CLICK HERE.


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