A Quick Intuitive Eating Pep Talk


‘Stay in your own lane’. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t compare even yourself to how you expect or would like to be.

Keep an open mind to learning new non-dieting skills like intuitive eating.

Focus on one small task at a time…It will help you to turn the strategy into a long-lasting habit and help you to gain momentum through your motivation.

Keep the bigger picture in mind. When you feel that you can not or are not doing a strategy well, gain perspective by looking at your big picture goal.

Take responsibility for your own situation and health because you have to do the work even if you are partnered with a non-dieting expert. Know when you need support from a non-dieting dietitian or other health professional. You do not have to struggle alone.

Bring mindfulness to the fear you are experiencing around change or maintaining the change of non-dieting. Don’t take this on and stop you from taking positive action with your eating and lifestyle habits.

Show empathy for the person/people that can not understand what you are doing to improve your health and your life. Their comments and questions are a reflection of their worry and misunderstanding of the benefit of non-dieting and the consequences of dieting.

If you loved these tips, join the Nutrition Empowered Mum Facebook Group for more tips and support.

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