Tips for Not Obsessing Over Your Food Or Body


You are not alone if you obsess over your food and body.

What I mean by ‘obsess’ is you think a lot about food, eating and the shape or size of your body. These consuming thoughts affect your quality of life.

Here are some tips for improving your relationship with food and body:

*Admit you have been preoccupied with food and your body.

Work on your body image with this post here.

*Be clear on your goal and the strategy you are working on.

Work on your goals with this challenge.

*Unfollow unhelpful influencers.

Follow helpful influencers. Here’s a list of body positive Health Professionals within Australia.

*Don’t talk about food being healthy/unhealthy and don’t talk about how much you dislike your body and/or want to change it. Because at the end of the day, if you are in a body which is smaller than the person you are talking about, it fuels the body dissatisfaction in yourself and the other person you were talking to leading to more body insecurity about desperation.

*Get support

Join the Nutrition Empowered Mums Facebook Group.

For individual advice contact me.


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