5 Tips For Making Nutritious Food Options When It’s The Last Thing You Feel Like


I often get the question, “How can I make nutritious choices?” from my mummy friends and clients.

Below are 5 of my top tips for making nutritious options:

1. Buy a variety of food and keep your house and your handbag/bag/baby bag stocked up.

This way, you’ll more likely choose food your body actually needs because it is available.

2. Listen to your body.

Your body will tell you what it needs, not what it thinks it needs, as opposed to what your brain does. Trust your body over your brain any day.

3. Drink plenty of water so you are not mistaking thirst for hunger.

It is common to mistake hunger for thirst. If you don’t respond to thirst promptly the signal of thirst can turn off. The thirst sensation is not reliable sometimes and in certain cases.

A quick check of the colour of your urine will give you an indication of your how hydrated you are. You are aiming for a light yellow to clear coloured urine. Overall, a general guideline to aim for is about 8 glasses of fluid per day.

4. Prepare meals in bulk and freeze them.

The last thing you want to do is be scavenging for food when hunger has struck, as you will likely eat the first thing you see whether it is something you feel like or not.

5. Get organised around food so you don’t feel unorganised, out of control, overwhelmed and think about food and nutrition most of the time.

What tip will you be doing more of? Not sure how to get started or need help applying these tips to your personal situation, contact me for one-on-one support.


P.S. There’s a community of like-minded women waiting to support you into Nutrition Empowered Mum Facebook Group. Come join us.

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