FEAR: Fear of Fat, Fear of Food, Fear of Life and Fear of Death

Dieting is almost like a religion. Even a way to try to ‘starve’ off death. Like weight loss dieting not working for weight or health concerns, dieting does not work to starve off death either.

I had a client with an eating disorder see me and she said to me “I don’t want to be better if I get fat.”

So much fear. Disordered eating and eating disorders are serious.

My response after the reading the article as per the post in the Nutrition Empowered Mums Facebook Group was:

“This article is so sad.
’43 years, 102 pounds: This 91-year-old Littleton woman conquered her weight loss goal before dying peacefully’.
Exactly as the headline stated, this woman ‘conquered’ her weight loss goal before dying.
Really??? Did she really???
Is this what this lady has been remembered for? Her diet and her motivation for weight loss. I’m sure she has many other lovely qualities that people can celebrate and relate to.
It sounds like chasing weight loss gave this woman a lot of purpose.
Who else finds this sooooooooooooooo sad?
The thing that stood out to me was her message from the last paragraph.
“For those struggling with their weight, Uber had one message: “Everybody has to figure out their own diet. There is no set diet for all people. You have to set in your mind that you’re going to do it. If you gain this week, you start over on your diet again the next day.”
My initial reaction was….It just shows you some people will never get it. She clearly blamed herself for failing and encouraged people to try harder.
**Do NOT take her advice!!**
I also wonder how long might she have lived if she hadn’t dieted her whole life.
What is it that you want to be remembered for?
Yes, it’s a tough question. One that I think we should all ask ourselves as a way to help us look at the bigger picture and put life into perspective.
Because, we are all going to die.
There are no surprises about it.
I would usually apologise for being so abrupt, however, not today, as frankly, society has messed with us enough and we should no longer be valued by how much we weigh.”
How did this article make you feel?



2 thoughts on “FEAR: Fear of Fat, Fear of Food, Fear of Life and Fear of Death

  1. Fear of Fat (Lipophobia) people are suffering from many types of internal problems like indigestion and bad immune system. Avoiding foods which are full of nutrients because of the small amount of fat in it. Which is really awful.
    You have touched a good topic. I hope people will get benefits from it.

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