Readiness and Taking Your First or Next Non-Dieting Steps

“I’m not there yet with taking the next step. How can get more ready?”

In reality, there may never be a ‘good’ time to stop dieting and start trusting yourself, especially if you have been a chronic dieter, where dieting is in a way like a security blanket. In this case, an ineffective form of comfort.

I aim to show you with this post that you do not have to have it all together before you non-diet. You do not have to resolve the inner conflict you feel before commencing non-dieting.

When you’ve come from a background of control, that is, trying to control everything in your life, then it is reasonable to want to feel in control before your next adventure or intervention….unfortunately non-dieting is not a linear process, but a messy cyclical one…..Actually, so are most lessons we learn, despite believing we learn on a continuum.
What delaying the inevitable does, is just that, delays your recovery and feeling happier and healthier. This mentality, which is so typical of dieting just keeps people feeling stuck, frustrated and in a compromised state of health and happiness.
If you are in between the 2 paradigms and not sure which direction to go in or have just started non-dieting and have the following doubts sneak into your head:
  • How is this any different?
  • Is this going to work for me?
  • Is this really too good to be true?
  • Is it meant to be this easy?
  • Is it meant to be this hard?
Reflect on the characteristics of non-dieting in comparison to dieting in this post and practise being open, gentle, non-judgemental and flexible with yourself from now on.
It is important to understand your level of motivation for making any change.
Can you score out of 10, your level of importance, confidence and readiness for non-dieting or improving your food/body relationship?
If you score low on your level of motivation to improve your food/body relationship, it will be beneficial for you to complete the following decisional balance exercise. This exercise will help you to make a decision either way.
On a piece of paper divide the page into 4 quadrants.
In the top left quadrant, write all your thoughts about ‘the positives for continuing to diet’.
In the bottom left box, write all your thoughts about ‘the negatives for continuing dieting’.
In the top right box, write all your thoughts about ‘the positives for non-dieting’.
And in the bottom right-hand box, write your thoughts about all ‘the negatives for non-dieting’.
You will hopefully see that non-dieting far outweighs any perceived benefit of dieting. If you don’t see this, you may be you need to seek personalised advice from a non-dieting APD like myself to help you to understand the concepts in relation to your unique situation. Reach out to me here.
Lastly, can you identify if your current behaviours are aligned with your personal values?
If your behaviours are not, it sounds like non-dieting would benefit you.
I’d love to hear from you about what is keeping you feeling stuck? If you managed to move past this stuck feeling stage, what helped you to move past it?

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