You Are an Intuitive Eater if You do These 12 Things

If you eat intuitively, you do these 12 things.

Here’s a quick overview or checklist to give you a snapshot of where you are in your intuitive eating journey.

If you are on your intuitive eating journey you may not do all the following and that is ok. Intuitive eating takes a lot practise, especially when you have been a dieter.

Here’s are the 12 ways to tell if you are eating intuitively right now.

  1. You respect your body.
  2. You don’t let anyone/anything distract you from breaking the trust you have with your body, and therefore your ability to listen and respond to your body.
  3. You respect all food.
  4. You notice neutral thoughts around food most of the time. You use neutral language and respond neutrally around food. Essentially, you don’t judge food as “good” and “bad” or “healthy” and “unhealthy” and don’t make decisions about food based on this criteria.
  5. You give some thought to what you feel like eating when you are getting hungry or are hungry.
  6. You often know what to eat without having to think about it.
  7. You choose a food/meal/snack that you think best satisfies you based on your past attuned eating experiences.
  8. You prioritise the fun and enjoyment in your eating experiences as these are big factors for feeling satisfied after eating.
  9. You stop eating when your body signals tell you that you have had enough food.
  10. You consider the nutrition aspect of the food, but ultimately you ensure the food is tasty, fresh and something that you feel like eating.
  11. You choose foods that have the potential to make you feel good and well.
  12. You can and usually cope with your emotion without food.

How did you fare? Is there something that you also do as an intuitive eater that is not listed above?

If you want to learn more about intuitively eating, download your free copy of ‘How to Stay focused To Never Diet Again’.


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