Why The Fear of Weight Gain Consumes You

You’re not alone.

You don’t like your reflection.

You see how people look at you. You see how they react to you. You feel judged, excluded, treated unfairly.

You have struggled with your weight for what feels like a lifetime.

You want to lose weight.

You are not alone.

You have struggled with food.

You learnt all the diet rule, but they’re not enough.

You feel like you are not enough. You feel like you’ve failed.

You are not alone.

You feel sad, depressed, lonely, despair, hopeless. You wonder how can a high functioning person like you can not get control over your weight?

You are not alone.

You think, if only you could just lose some weight – just 5 kilos – your life would be so much better.

You are not alone.

What are you hoping weight loss will do for you?

Will you like your reflection? Will it change the way people see and react to you? Will any weight loss that occurs stick around longer than 1 year? Will you stop obsessing over food and your body? Will you still feel guilt and shame around eating? Will you have a peaceful relationship with food? Will you feel enough? Will the weight loss be enough for you? Will your life be instantly better at your ‘goal’ weight? Will you find happiness?

You likely feel fearful of weight gain because we live in a fat-phobic society. We are told that we need to have a thin body. When we don’t, we are lead to believe that our bodies are the problem and they must be changed – aka weight must be lost. Health is cleverly associated with this push to ‘fix’ our bodies. We all want good health, so when we hear that we could get healthier with losing weight, we hold onto the weight loss desire a little tighter until our eye see an alternative way to care for ourselves after all the heartache and pain and we can no longer do one more diet.

To understand the common misconceptions of the non-diet approach CLICK HERE.

If you are wanting support for improving your body image and dietary intake, I can help, or if DIY is more your style, grab a copy of ‘30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body’ ebook.


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