6 Top Tips To Rebel Against Diet Culture

In planning to write this post I asked my community what their top ways were to rebel against diet culture.

One mum brought up a great point, which I thought was important to share before jumping into my top tips. She shared that she was putting too much energy into being angry at diet society rather than loving herself, so she was changing her focus to feeling proud of herself beyond aesthetics. This is a great point to highlight there is a fine line balancing being rebellious and caring for yourself.

Here Are My Tops Tips To Rebel Against Diet Society:

1. Do a media detox.

I really can’t recommend this enough…Unfollow the people that make you feel bad and advocate for dieting/weight loss. It really does make a huge difference!

2. Surround yourself with body-positive people and messages (in-person and online).

3. Keep a gratitude diary.

Write down 3 things you are thankful for each day. Focusing on the things you are thankful in life really helps to think more positively.

4. Take the judgement away from the situation.

5. Diffuse judgemental or negative thoughts.

Some diffusion strategies as mentioned in The Happiness Trap, By Russ Harris (aff link) include:

  • Saying “I am having a thought that….”
  • Naming the story e.g. The “Non-dieting is not going to work for me” story.
  • Thanking your mind for the story.
  • Singing the thought to Happy Birthday or a nursery rhyme.
  • Use a silly cartoon voice and say the thought to yourself (suggested characters to try include Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson and/or Mickey Mouse).

6. Do what you want (within the law!).

Live your life now.

This is such a cliche, but yes, life is too short to spend it worrying about superficial things like how bodies look.

  • Wear what you want even if it’s not in fashion or ‘suited’ to your body type – as long as it makes you feel good.
  • Stop buying products that promise to change you.
  • Go out without makeup from time-to-time.

Share, what way helps you like to rebel against diet society?

For support with rebelling against diet culture, please contact me, or if DIY is more your style, grab a copy of ‘30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body’ ebook.



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