Where to Start With Incorporating Intuitive Eating into Your Daily Practice

Are you wondering where to start with incorporating Intuitive Eating into daily practice? You are not alone. Keep reading for some tips.

It can be overwhelming thinking about all the work that you need to do to move away from dieting and take good care of you.

Don’t worry, you’ll get there. The biggest step to incorporating Intuitive Eating into your daily practice that you likely have taken is rejecting the false promise of diets and diet mentality. Well done, this is a tough step to work through.

Sounds like you are committed to focusing on changing your behaviour, not changing your body.

So, here are 4 key ways to incorporate Intuitive Eating into your daily practice:

1. Just start!

Firstly, if you are feeling overwhelmed, please, take a step back and think about the ONE thing you can do right now to move you closer to eating intuitively.

Go do that!

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You can rinse and repeat this step throughout the day if you found this useful.

The most important step you can take with incorporating Intuitive Eating into your daily practice is just START!

Start with what makes sense to you. Start with one thing that may not even make sense to you. By starting, you will be a step closer to knowing what will work for you with making Intuitive Eating more intuitive for you.

The process of practising Intuitive Eating, in the beginning, is going to feel counter-intuitive, because you will likely feel like you are thinking about food and your behaviours around food as much as before you started or even more, but with practice, food will blend into the background and find its happy place in your life.

The difference is that whilst you may be thinking about food a lot in the beginning stages, you aren’t going to be obsessed or preoccupied with it like you were when you were dieting.


2. Trust the process.

Trusting yourself and your body is another important step in moving away from dieting.

Next, trusting the process of intuitive eating needs to come. I’ve had clients who have hit diet rock bottom (who have made the choice to care for themselves with intuitive eating) say to me that they find it hard to trust the process of intuitive eating as it is so unfamiliar to them and they don’t really understand how it fits into the bigger picture of eating well. Clients at this stage realise that they need to trust the process and with time and practice the process will become clearer.


3. Think about what you need.

Do I need food, rest, sleep, hug, chat, shower/bath, read a book, watch a movie, meditate, exercise, ask for help etc. >>> Go do that.

To work out if you need food. Tune into what your appetite is saying to you? Do you know when you are hungry? See this post here.

Another way at looking at it, when was your last meal?

  • If it was more than ~3 hours ago chances are you may be hungry. >>> Eat mindfully (savouring each mouthful with all your senses) and intuitively (paying attention to how your body is feeling in response to the food).
  • If you have recently eaten, was the meal satisfying? Did you fill your belly enough? >>> Next time, try to choose something more satisfying and/or fill your belly a bit more.


4. What is working for you and what is not?

In order to change behaviour, it is essential to understand your past behaviours, otherwise, it will be hard to know what is and is not working.

With understanding your past behaviours and what you’ve recently been doing with Intuitive Eating, you will understand what is not working for you and why and what to do instead or at least the general direction you want to go in.

This increase in awareness will give you a lot of information about the process of intuitive eating – what’s working and what’s not.

Please remember, it’s never about failing. Failing is linked to diet-mentality. Failing is important to the success of mastering any new behaviour or change.

How will you get started with incorporating Intuitive Eating into your daily practice?

For support, contact me, or if DIY is more your style, grab a copy of ‘30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body’ ebook.


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