What’s Holding you Back From Finding Peace with Food and Your Body?

What’s holding you back from finding peace with food and your body?

Is it because:

Of your core beliefs about nutrition?

You are not open-minded? Do you think you have all the answers or your way is the only way to improved health? If yes, of course, you will find it hard to understand another perspective.

You have unrealistic expectations? Do you expect instant results?

You are not clear on your vision? Its ok to not understand how non-dieting fits into the bigger picture of nutrition, health and life. Most people new to this approach struggle with this. But, in order to stop dieting, I think it’s important to envision a life where dieting is not apart of it, otherwise, the motivation to not diet will be short-lived

You don’t trust yourself? You may be feeling a sense of self-doubt or worried about failing which stops you from starting.

You don’t trust the process?

You are taking big steps, rushing the process or jumping ahead and trying to avoid important lessons along the way?

You fear failure?

You are worried about what people think?

You are not setting SMART goals?

You don’t have a plan?

You are not setting boundaries with yourself and others and/or not sticking to them?

You are distracted? Distracted by excuses, competing life priorities, procrastination and/or perfectionism?

You have self-destructive thoughts and behaviour?

You lack consistency?

You don’t have support?

If you need support or help with anything listed above, reach out to me or grab a copy of ‘30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body’ ebook.


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