6 Facts About Nutrition That Will Keep You Up at Night

The following nutrition facts will likely keep you up at night. Yes, nutrition can be a scary thing, especially if you are stuck in diet culture. Here’s why:


1. What you think you know about nutrition is likely wrong!

We live in an information world. We hear about food and nutrition all the time from a range of sources – General Practitioners, pharmacists, naturopaths, friend, family, media, social media and from a variety of other sources. We must learn to vet the nutrition information we come across and ensure that the source is university qualified in nutrition.

2. Nobody has the means for long-term weight loss.

There is no known way to lose weight and keep it off in the long-term for the majority of people. Weight loss diets and products, programs included here.

That’s right, nobody or organisation has the answer to losing weight and keeping it off, not even in a ‘healthy’ way.

We can’t lower our body set point. It may go up as a consequence of trying to weigh less.

Our body weight, size or shape may change as a result of focusing on health-promoting behaviours, but it may not also.

3. BMI is a load of rubbish.

Health is more than a number on the scales or your BMI score. Our health is independent of our body weight, size or shape. BMI was never intended to an evaluation of health. It does not consider fat distribution, bone density, muscle vs fat, water content and so on. The index does not account for the diversity and encourages false assumptions about a person and their health, which discriminates and stigmatises people particularly those living in larger bodies. The BMI has lead to submissive healthcare. What a dehumanising tool!

We can improve our health without concerning ourselves with what our BMI is or how heavy we weigh.

4. Food is not the enemy.

Certain foods are not “healthy”, “unhealthy”, “good” or “bad”. Low fat/organic/gluten-free/sugar-free and so on are not healthier food products. Carbohydrates and fats (and all other nutrients) are important and necessary for our health and life, not something to fear and restrict.

5. Watching what you eat is not what you need to do.

Watching what you are eating is a form of dieting and you probably didn’t know it. Don’t worry, most people don’t realise this. link Dieting is restricting, depriving, using willpower or controlling food intake and exercise as a means to change body shape, size or weight.

You don’t need to micromanage your dietary intake. You don’t need to master portion control. The body is smarter than the brain. Calories of food mean very little. Your body has many mechanisms that help keep you alive and weight stable.

Willpower the key to looking after yourself and not necessary.

Dieting is anything that takes you away from your innate ability to trust yourself and makes you feel unworthy or inadequate in your body.

6. Food is not going to save you from death.

Our body will change and grow older over the lifespan. Food is not going to stop this from happening. Our bodies are not meant to be the same throughout our lives and we are not meant to live forever. You will eventually die despite taking good care of yourself.


 Which point above will keep you up tonight?

For support, contact me, or if DIY is more your style, grab a copy of ‘30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body’ ebook.


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