How Non-Diet Nutrition Changed the Way We Think About Health

The non-diet movement is here to stay! There are soooooooo many positives for moving away from diet culture.

Here are just a few significant outcomes observed by the non-diet community:

  • People are starting to move their focus from losing weight as a means of improving health to focusing on all the positive things they can do to improve their health. They’re shifting the focus to how they feel rather than how they look.
  • People are more sceptical of diet and don’t want to be associated with dieting (even though they still are dieting).
  • People are trusting themselves more. This is great, as they realise that the answers to taking good care of themselves are within them rather lying with a weight loss product or service.
  • People are finding the joy in eating and exercise.
  • People are eating and exercising for the right reasons.
  • Respecting the body and working on body acceptance. Some have learnt to like and even love their body.
  • Aware that weight stigma is a real problem.
  • They are more aware of privilege and how worrying about body-image is a first world problem when so many people don’t have enough food to eat.
  • People are looking after themselves more – They’re prioritising self-care.


For support, contact me, or if DIY is more your style, grab a copy of ‘30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body’ ebook.

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