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Finding the Motivation to Change

Enjoy Food This Festive Season by Asking Yourself One Question

What Does a Healthy Diet Look Like For Me?

How Non-Diet Nutrition Changed the Way We Think About Health

6 Facts About Nutrition That Will Keep You Up at Night

How is Anti-Obesity Helpful?: Bringing The Focus Back To Health

Happy Kindness Day!

What’s the Real Problem with Obesity?

What Most People Think About Non-Diet Nutrition

Things Your Grandmother Would Say About Nutrition That Are Actually Right

The Only Time You Need To Read Nutrition Labels

The Cold Hard Truth About Moderation

14 Facts People Don’t Know About Nutrition

The Traditional vs Non-Diet Approach: One Client Case Study Reveals All

Why Dieting is Not a Good Form of Self-Care

No, obesity isn’t Australia’s biggest health problem

I’m Not Dieting. Or Am I?

Secrets of Nutrition Every Mum Needs To Know

5 Common Mistakes in Establishing a Healthy Relationship with Food & Body

The Language Holding You Back From The Food And Body Relationship You Want

My Advice To People About To Start A Diet

Self Care And Nutrition

Nutrition Assumptions That Will Lead You Off Track

“I understand you can’t tell a person’s health by size or shape BUT…”

The Japanese Way of Nutrition

Does Your Food Make You Happy

Nutrition and Genes: Decoding the Genome and What It Means For You and Dietitians

Most Popular Nutrition Trends of 2015

Malnutrition: The quiet killer

Nutrition for life longevity: Factors to consider for healthy ageing

3 Step Christmas Preparation Plan for Surviving the Silly Season

5 nutrition tips to improve your sleep and metabolism: Extra tips for shift workers

Is The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating just another diet?

Intuitive Eating

Where to Start With Incorporating Intuitive Eating into Your Daily Practice

Tips to Relax and Enjoy Food

Mindful Eating Checklist

Intuitive Eating Checklist

How is Anti-Obesity Helpful?: Bringing The Focus Back To Health

At What Point Do You Become A Normal Eater Again After Dieting?

You Are an Intuitive Eater if You do These 12 Things

What If You Ate Food You Truly Felt Like?

5 Skills Every Non-Dieter Should Develop

What Does It Feel Like To Have An Appetite?

At what point does ‘should talk’ turn into ‘diet talk’?

A Quick Intuitive Eating Pep Talk

How To Not Turn Intuitive Eating Into Another Diet

What you are really saying to the dietitian when you say…

How do I non-diet? 7 key factors that will change your life for the better

Food Relationships: Have You Met My Friend…Food?

Why I don’t focus on weight: Celebrating #AHHW

What are people on twitter saying about mindful eating?

The ABCs of Nutrition – Nutrition basics 101

The What, Why, When, How and Where of ‘Nutrition Intuition’ explained

Recharge Your Mompreneur Powers With These 7 Nutrition Mindset Shifts

How to build a positive relationship with food

Normal eating checklist: What does it mean to eat normally?

Body Positivity

Body Acceptance: What Does It Look, Sound, Feel and Taste Like

What’s Holding you Back From Finding Peace with Food and Your Body?

Weigh Yourself If You Want This to Happen

How to Explain Non-Dieting to People Who Don’t Get It

Why Intuitive Eating Isn’t Working For You

Improve Your Nutrition With Self-Kindness

6 Top Tips To Rebel Against Diet Culture

What to Do When You Want A Quick Fix to Weight Loss

Why The Fear of Weight Gain Consumes You

What Will Non-Dieting Do For Me If It Does Not Change My Body?

What To Do If You Have Been Fat Shamed

Your Relationship with the Scales Could be What is Keeping You From Food & Body Freedom

A Road To Self-Love

FEAR: Fear of Fat, Fear of Food, Fear of Life and Fear of Death

Disordered Exercise: What Mums Really Need To Know

Ways To Feel Better About Your Body At Any Body Size

13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Body Set Point

3 Fail Safe Ways to Lose Weight

4 Mindset Changes Away From Weight Loss

Behaviour Change

Are You Eating For The Right Reasons?

Ways of Improving Health Without Focusing on Weight Loss

12-Months to a Happier and Healthier You

30 Days to a Better Relationship With Food and Body

Moving Away from Eating Everything on Your Plate Even if You’ve Done This Your Whole Life

Make a Statement with Non-Diet Products

Cards of Non-Dieting Inspiration

Letter: What You Really Need To Know About Non-Diet Dietitians

Top Non-Dieting Resources From Around The World

Raising Kids Who Love Food and Their Bodies Ebook

Kids Love Food and Their Bodies Challenge

Readiness and Taking Your First or Next Non-Dieting Steps

What Is The One Thing You Would Do If You Weren’t So Focused On Dieting?

How To Get More Out Of The Dietitian Session

Finding Freedom From Guilt With Food Even When Mothers’ Guilt Exists

Achieve Your Nutrition Goal 5 Day Toolkit/Course

Food and Body Relationship Challenge

SAQs: The questions you should ask your dietitian

Dietitian Connection Podcast Interview: Gentle, non-judgemental, positive language supports great health and minimises guilt.

E-Book: Food and Body Relationship Toolkit

E-Book: How to Build a Positive Food Relationship

E-Book: The Essential Guide to Never Dieting Again

Words of Wisdom Delectable Dietetics Style

How to Maintain Motivation – New Year’s goals not resolutions series

How to Overcome Barriers to change – New Year’s goals not resolutions series

How to Action Plan – New Year’s goals not resolutions series

How to Create Meaningful Goals – New Year’s goals not resolutions series


Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing Nutritious Meals Sanely

What Kids Need to Learn About Nutrition

How to Protect Your Child From Hating Their Body

How to Explain to Your Child They Can’t Have Chocolate Every Day

What Teachers Can Do To Support Families To Pack Nutritious Lunch-Boxes

Getting Kids to Eat Veggies is Not Your Job

Dietitian Mum Breaking School Rules When It Comes to Food

Being The Mum You Always Imagined: How Nutrition Influences This

Is Fussy Eating a Normal Childhood Behaviour?

Raising Kids Who Love Food and Their Bodies Ebook

Kids Helping Out in the Kitchen Benefits Not Only Mum

5 Tips For Making Nutritious Food Options When It’s The Last Thing You Feel Like

Feed Your Family: Healthy Eating Made Easy

How to Eat Well With Kids

8 Tips For Teaching Kids About Nutrition

What We Can Learn About Nutrition From Finding Dory

Where Did It All Go Wrong With Nutrition?

What to do about kids who are picky eaters

Why do kids that eat with family excel in life?

School holiday fun food activities = Best parent ever!

Children’s Story: Elephant’s Dilemma of Difference

This is What 3 Year Olds Said About Nutrition and Health


3 Tips for living well with egg and cow’s milk allergies

Dear Diary: My experiences travelling, eating and speaking Japanese

Celebrating Well For Kids With Allergies


Diabetes food myths debunked – Part 2

Diabetes food myths debunked – Part 1

8 Food Myths – Did you pick them?


I am a dietitian that believes in enjoying all food in moderation which is determined intuitively. Moderation is healthy and leads to good health. Hope you enjoy the recipes:


Prawn and Pumpkin Soup: The Dietitian’s Favourite

Nachos recipe: For anyone planning on entertaining this weekend

Dietitian’s go to meal – Quick and nutritious stirfry

Tasty Tuna Bake

Xmas side dish inspiration: Potato Salad

Must Eat ‘Yummy Meat Balls’



I can’t believe it’s not chocolate! Allergen free chocolate

Banana mulberry muffins (egg and dairy allergy friendly!)

Baked mango cheesecake that everyone loves

Caramel Crunch: My Nanna’s Superpower

Vanilla birthday cake recipe – Egg and dairy free!

Chocolate cake – Egg and dairy free!


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