Why Dieting is Not a Good Form of Self-Care

I had the honour of writing a guest blog post for Jess McCallum at Confident Life. Jess is a Clinical Psychologist focusing on women’s wellbeing. Jess helps women build up their sense of identity, confidence, and set care routines.

The post I wrote is called ‘Why Dieting is Not a Good Form of Self-Care’.

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What Does It Feel Like To Have An Appetite?

“Don’t fear it, having an appetite is a sign that you are alive and well. Celebrate this connection to your hunger and needs”.
This quote is something that I put together to reassure people that we need to feel hungry, otherwise we are not driven to eat. If we are not driven to eat, we will not survive. We will not survive due to the lack of nourishment.
For many years, I worked closely with many older people who required nutrition support, those who were experiencing malnutrition, mostly resulting chronic medical conditions.

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Nutrition & Fitness Workshop for Mums


Hello Cairns Mums!

Are you concerned about your nutrition and/or level of fitness?

Do you find that time, family commitments, everyday stress and overwhelm, money and lack of support are getting in the way of caring for yourself?

Join Philippa Bowman – Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert and me (APD) for an interactive workshop designed specifically designed for you.

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No, obesity isn’t Australia’s biggest health problem

‘No, obesity isn’t Australia’s biggest health problem’ is the guest blog post I wrote for www.bodyandsoul.com.au.

In this blog post, I explored the fact that we are not in an ‘obesity epidemic‘, rather a ‘dieting epidemic‘.

I specifically talk about:

  1. What are the signs of disordered eating?
  2. Risks of disordered eating/dieting
  3. The Research
  4. How to find the healthiest you?

To read ‘No, obesity isn’t Australia’s biggest health problem’ click here.

Please share this article with friends and family so we can spread the non-diet message far and wide. Thank you!

Disordered Exercise: What Mums Really Need To Know

In the work I do as a dietitian, I not only see people with disordered relationships with food, but also with exercise.

My philosophy on exercise/movement is:

  • Movement should be enjoyable – Movement should not be used as a strategy for changing your body shape, size or weight. Don’t do a type of exercise that you dislike, because you won’t enjoy it and you will likely stop moving!
  • Focus on how movement makes you feel (E.g. energetic, happy, relaxed, content, well, improves sleep quality and so on).
  • Exercise safely – Exercise within your physical limits and increase movement gradually.
  • Make movement apart of your daily routine. All movement counts, you don’t have to go to the gym unless you want to!

I interviewed Philippa Bowman, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert at Nurtured Fitness to get her perspective on the topic. We discussed the following questions:

  1. Do you see mums who have turned exercise into another diet? What proportion of mums do you see who have a disordered relationship with exercise?
  2. Why do you think exercise is becoming so disordered in our society?
  3. What is your advice to mums who are not sure if they have turned exercise into a diet or are at risk of turning exercise into a diet? What are the signs of disordered exercise?

CLICK HERE to watch the interview. 

Download your free copy of ‘How to Stay Focused to Never Diet Again’ and improve your relationship with exercise.

I’m Not Dieting. Or Am I?


Dieting. What a controversial topic. I feel most people do not want to be associated with dieting. Even though some people have this awareness that dieting is unhelpful and harmful, they still diet because they do not know what else to do or how else to behave.

There is a growing trend where dieting behaviours or dieting programs are hidden in amongst what were once innocent, well meaning words.

Examples include:

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Secrets of Nutrition Every Mum Needs To Know


I was interviewed by Cairns-based Philippa Bowman, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Expert at Nurtured Fitness.

To listen to the interview click here, otherwise read the questions and my summary points below:

1. Discuss how there is a lot of expectation that Mums will ‘bounce back’ after child birth & people becoming obsessed with their diets. There are so many weight loss drinks/supplements targeted at new mums…What is your approach & philosophy to nutrition/diet? Continue reading