At What Point Do You Become A Normal Eater Again After Dieting?


If you’ve been non-dieting for a little while, you might be thinking at what point will you be recovered from dieting and diet mentality.


You might be new to non-dieting and wonder what is possible for you if weight loss is not the end goal.

In this post, I want to share stories and advice of inspirational clients I’ve had the pleasure of walking alongside until recovery from dieting.  Continue reading


The Only Time You Need to Read Nutrition Labels


Many people who come to me for nutrition and dietetic support think that if they just knew how to read nutrition labels, they would be able to make better food choices, eat better and lose weight.

People are lead to believe that label reading helps them to make choices that can affect their long-term health.

There is some truth in this, however, what do people do when they come across foods that don’t have a label? For example, whole foods like fruit, vegetables and meats don’t often have a label.

In this article, I will explain the only time you need to read nutrition labels along with the handful of times when reading a label may be useful. I will also address when reading a label is NOT helpful. Continue reading

Cards of Non-Dieting Inspiration

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The cards are here!

Non-Dieting Essentials


Body Positive Essentials

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9 Nutrition Tips: Eating Well in Pregnancy

Eating well during pregnancy is essential for you and your growing baby.

Ideally, before you become pregnant is the time to start focusing on eating well and taking good care of yourself. If you are already pregnant, congratulations, don’t be concerned, just start following the following recommendations as soon as you can.

You will need more of certain nutrients, such as iron, iodine and folic acid, but only a small amount of extra kilojoules.

Below are my top 9 tips for eating well during pregnancy.

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The Ultimate Guide to Guilt-Free Holiday Eating

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing resource this festive season…

The Ultimate Guide to Guilt-Free Holiday Eating is for you if you struggle with non-dieting or eating intuitively during the festive season.

Inside the guide is a collection of key messages from 30+ Non-Diet Dietitians and Food Therapists from around the world to help you to enjoy food guilt-free now and during the holidays.

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Letter: What You Really Need To Know About Non-Diet Dietitians

To all the wonderful Mums,

I’d just like to say I’m a dietitian, but not what you think.

I hear your laughs when I tell you that I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Your laughter starts out as a laughter of awkwardness. It changes to one of embarrassment, guilt and then shame, as you try to hide from the judgement. You feel laughter is a good cover to hide what you are truly feeling. The laughter then turns into chuckles of confessions and ends in nervous giggles as you try and process what I just said…..

I am a dietitian, but not what you think.

I understand how you feel.

All these feelings of Continue reading

Working Through Your Own Food and Body Issues as a Mother

How do you raise a good eater when your own relationship with food and body needs work?

It is not uncommon to feel like your food and body issues come to the surface when raising children.

Children are like mirrors. Children can reflect back the behaviours we have learnt, which can be both positive and negative. When this happens, our own issues can surface time and time again.

Raising children can trigger old disordered thinking and eating patterns, especially if you have not dealt with the cause of your eating problem. Continue reading

You Are an Intuitive Eater if You do These 12 Things

If you eat intuitively, you do these 12 things.

Here’s a quick overview or checklist to give you a snapshot of where you are in your intuitive eating journey.

If you are on your intuitive eating journey you may not do all the following and that is ok. Intuitive eating takes a lot practise, especially when you have been a dieter.

Here’s are the 12 ways to tell if you are eating intuitively right now.

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The Cold Hard Truth About Moderation


What does moderation even mean?

Moderation is such an interesting topic.

Moderation can be a boring word and associated with not being sexy.

To me, moderation is sexy as it encompasses being happy and healthy and eating your cake too!

Moderation is a word so freely thrown around in the nutrition space. The word “moderation” is defined by Collins Gem as an adjective, “not extreme; temperate; average.”


Moderation in Nutrition

In the context of nutrition, Continue reading

What If You Ate Food You Truly Felt Like?

Not Because of What You Think or What You Have Been Told

Dieting Distracts Us from Consuming Foods We Really Need

Dieting is a common problem faced by many in our society. Dieting is a problem because it takes you away from your innate ability to trust and care for yourself.

People often start dieting because they believe there is something wrong with their body or life, and think dieting will improve it.

Dieting occurs when you restrict, control or deprive yourself of food, whether physically or mentally, with the purpose of changing your body’s shape, size or weight.


How does dieting distract us?

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